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Wedding Venues: Within the City or in the Country Side?

Gone are the days when there were limited options for taking your wedding vows. With more and more country side locations and city marriage venues opening their doors, couples waiting to tie the knot are surely confused about which way to go. While the stunning and stress-free ambiance of the countryside is worth every penny, there are many other wedding spaces that promise to lure you back into the city. Here are some guidelines to help you choose between venues located within your municipal limits or those serving as countryside getaways.


When it comes to providing adequate staying facility for your family, friends and other attendees, city wedding venues are favored as they tend to be in the vicinity of hotels, inns and guest houses. These places of accommodation can be reserved for housing your guests for the purposes of your wedding ceremony, reception and other wedding get-togethers.

In case you get across to a country-side venue with adequate accommodation facility, then you need not look around further and relax to know that your guests will be taken care of well. In most cases, country side wedding venues are located far from city hotels and require some commuting on the part of your guests. There are some venues that are the form of rehabbed farms and barns that provide adequate accommodation facilities – you may want to take a look at what they have on offer.


Budget-planning for your wedding is ridden with confusion as well as dos and don’ts; there will be many things that you want to include in your plans and still have to do without. You should not be surprised to see a major chink of your budget going into the booking of your venue. Generally speaking, the country side venues tend to be less expensive than their city counterparts. But then, this may not be the case at all times and you may come across some exotic country side venues that are far costlier than the rest.

Along with the costs of hiring the wedding venue, you also need to factor in the expenses related to florists, cake movers, local suppliers, transportation, photographers, and so forth. A correct and realistic evaluation of expenses will help you decide on your next course of action.

Wedding venues are special and have to be chosen carefully. The couples in love with rustic feel and green scenic beauty would prefer to solemnize their marriage in a rural wedding venue. Now that you have made up your mind to have a destination or off-city limits wedding, you may want to check out these amazing country houses fit for a king’s wedding reception. Whether they are located away from the hustle of big cities, or within them, such venues are the places that host dream marriages and the vows that make them. Do go through their various features at length before freezing your choice on one – you will be pleased with your decision!

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