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Three Ways to Offer Your Guests a Unique Experience at Your Wedding

Making your wedding stand out is getting harder and harder as couples up their game with delicious food menus, spectacular venues and stunning dresses, so what can you do to make your big day really stick in the memories of your guests?

Here are three ways to really wow your guests, and give you and your other half a day that you’ll never forget.

Luxury Toilets

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding the toilets can really let your event down.

You can spend loads of time and money making sure that the rest of the ceremony is as good as it can be, but if you’re asking your guests to use a cramped, dirty portable toilet cubicle, that’s what they’ll go away telling their friends about.

Thankfully, there are much more luxurious options on offer, which will take your guests away from a muddy marquee and straight into a five-star hotel.

For example, Event Washrooms offer flexible luxury cubicles, which are fitted out with real oak and marble finishes, LED lighting, automatic taps and glass water basins all of which give your big day that classy touch.

You’ll hopefully only get married the once, so why skimp on such an important amenity and provide a bit of luxury in an area where most couples wouldn’t even bother.

Social Media Integration

A great way to really get your guests involved with the ceremony is to offer social media integration, and it might be easier than you think.

Start off by setting up a web page, Twitter or Instagram feed to keep everyone posted on the preparations for the big day.

On the big day itself, make sure to make use of hashtags so that everybody can share their pictures and experiences of the big day, and once it’s all done, you’ll have a ready-made photo album.

You may also wish to set up a social media wall, such as those from AwesomeWall so that all of your guests can see each others posts up on a big screen in real time.

You might even wish to set up a live stream so that friends and family who can’t make the ceremony itself can still watch along, wherever they are in the world.

Light Up Letters

The decoration and lighting are crucial aspects of your big day, with many opting for impressive centrepieces and sparkling chandeliers.

But why not combine the two with some attractive light up letters from Light It Up UK?

Their handcrafted light up letters are a great touch to your ceremony, with a popular option being to opt for the initials of the bride and groom.

They also offer bespoke shapes such as hearts, or you might wish to use them as signage (for example, the letters B-A-R or T-O-I-L-E-T-S).

Whether indoors or out, these letters are a great centerpiece and add a real touch of class to the proceedings.

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