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Qualities of good Tungsten bands for your wedding

Use of Tungsten for wedding bands and jewelry has increased in the recent past. The days when Silver and gold dominated the wedding band industry are long gone, with people willing to try out newer materials, in a bid to look out of the norm.

Being an alloy of strong elements, tungsten is known to be a strong material. Below are some of the good qualities of Tungsten to be considered when selecting a tungsten made tungsten wedding bands.


When choosing a wedding band, the financial constraint should be of paramount consideration. The advantage of minimalist Tungsten bands is their low costs. Cost-effectiveness for a wedding band means a good price for a considerably good quality product. When choosing a wedding band, it should meet the budget, while still maintaining the quality of bands made of other materials.


A perfect wedding band should be free from scratch marks. With the exposure of wedding bands especially during work, an ideal wedding band should maintain its glitter, by avoiding ugly scratch marks. Tungsten bands are mostly scratch free, but the buyer must make sure to inquire about the same from the retailer since some tungsten bands are made of an inferior quality than the rest.

The anti-scratch quality makes the tungsten bands live longer, as compared to the other material-made wedding bands.

Comfort to the hand

Tungsten wedding rings are heavy as compared to bands made of other materials. This heaviness may make the band feel uncomfortable to the hand since they give the hand a pull-down feeling. The couple wishing to use tungsten wedding bands should note the great make it a point to choose one which is light and comfortable, and which feels normal when swinging the hand.

Any wedding ring makes the finger feel different, especially for those wearing a ring for the first time, but they should not feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Attractive to the eye

Weddings are all about beauty, and wedding bands cannot be left behind. When choosing a wedding band, the couple above all other characters go for the most pleasing to the eye, since it’s a piece they will have to wear a lifetime.

Tungsten is more preferred due to the diversity of colors it comes in, from grey to tungsten ring black and gold. Attractiveness also means blending into the décor of the day. The color of the band should be selected having in mind the reigning colors of the wedding, either the bridal teams’ dress code or that of the couple.


Different people have different skin types, which react to jewelry such as wedding bands and neckpieces differently. A good Tungsten rings to be chosen should not react in any way with the skin of the wearer, and this should be tested some few days before the wedding.

Tungsten as a material is widely proven to not cause any allergic reactions, which usually result from a band coming into contact with the skin. Allergic reactions are a big reason why people chose to replace their wedding bands, which would be very expensive if the band was expensive.


Tungsten is made from different materials, which make it a very strong alloy. As compared to other softer metals such as Gold, Tungsten is the hardest, which makes it very hard to lose shape. This attribute makes the Tungsten band live with its glitter for a long moment.

Strength goes hand in hand with durability, since the band is meant to last a lifetime, and should do this while still maintaining the glitter.


When choosing a wedding ring, one should go for that which warms their heart, with the other attributes an added advantage.

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