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Photographer Approved Tips for “Getting Ready” Wedding Photographs

Getting the very best wedding photos is not always easy and most of the time required planning and pre thinking to really get the best shots possible and to satisfy the people in the photograph. Although being spontaneous can lead to some funny and raw photos, you also need to do some planning and creative thinking to capture great looking photos. Great photos come from planning ahead and really ensuring everything is the best it can be.

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Choose a Suitable Location

You want to ensure that your location for photos is well thought out so you know if there are any minor changes you can make, that can be done easily. No doubt there will be a lot of time spent on getting ready to look your best, which is why having a getting ready area is important, to ensure that there is enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoots.

Depending on the type of style you have gone for in terms of your wedding, you want to choose accordingly to ensure that it suits the overall style and background. Lighting is crucial in capturing photos as well, so having a good venue or place that has decent lighting is defiantly important. It will bring the photos to life and really have an impact on the way everyone looks and the general atmosphere.

Keep It Simple

There is of course no harm is having fancy décor and other flamboyant additions however less is more, and this can show when you have a simple yet classy and elegant design that shows the details you want to be shown but also remains elegant. You don’t want to have a cluttered and messy background for the sake of thinking it looks when it really does not and lacks blending capability in the background.

Of course, some background music and champagne are added touches that really make a difference to the background and overall scene, so keep it sweet and simple but also colourful and fun. The last thing you want to a dull and boring background that shows zero personality and a lack of character.

Tidy Up

As you are getting ready there is no doubt that a mess will be created, after trying out different things and being pampered, different things will be scattered in the background. Ensure you save time by doing a bit of cleaning before the photos are actually being taken, as you don’t want to be panicked and feel as though there is so much to do on top of everything else.

It is worth going through any clothes that are additionally and hiding them away for the time being. The same with bags and other such items; tuck them away from the scene to make things look clean and organised.  This will allow for many time to work with the people around you and the have a clearer mind. You will be able to capture photos more easily and feel less worried or pressured.

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