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Food Truck Catering for a Wedding: A Trend that Adds Pizzazz and Taste

The phrase “food truck” use to call to mind fun, tasty, casual street eats – now food truck catering has become a common choice for a wedding. Whether the wedding you’re planning is a casual or formal affair, there’s a food truck option available that will beautifully meet your requirements. Treat your guests to delicious, unique meals, appetizers and desserts, courtesy of today’s chic, trendy food trucks.

Following are a few things to consider as you look for food truck catering for your wedding.

Choosing a Style

Food trucks can be found in a range of styles, from an industrial, contemporary look, to colorful retro-inspired trucks. The kinds of foods served are just as varied and include desserts that range from cupcakes to Gelato. You’ll want to do some research to make sure that the food trucks you’re considering will compliment your reception’s atmosphere and decor. For instance, a sweet looking striped food truck with an awning, serving gourmet appetizers, cupcakes or ice cream would be perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding.

Planning the Menu Made Easy

If you’re planning on having the food truck provide the main reception meal, you’ll find that there many distinctive selections available, including stir fry, organics, fresh seafood, falafel and even empanadas and tacos. Also, today a growing list of well-known brick and mortar eateries are launching their own food truck catering services, so consider asking some of your favorite places if they’re planning on doing the same. You can also find food trucks that serve fun appetizers like sliders, dumplings, sushi and other lite bites. For great dessert alternatives, there are food trucks that serve Italian ice, smoothies, frozen yogurt, cupcakes and more.

The More the Merrier

One of the coolest benefits of food truck catering is that they can actually feed a lot of people quickly, which is why they’re so popular at festivals. That said, it will take your guests time to get through the food line which is why it’s a good idea to have multiple food trucks at the wedding reception (1 for every 70 guests or so).

Late Night Snack

How much would your guests appreciate having tasty late night snacks available after an evening spent dancing and drinking champagne? A food truck serving light, tasty appetizers would be just the thing, whether it’s soft pretzels, donuts or stuffed mushrooms.

Having an Indoor Wedding?

No problem. Just because you’re having an indoor wedding doesn’t mean you can’t hire a food truck catering service. A lot of food truck companies also have food carts that you can have rolled into an indoor venue as a special surprise either during the reception or toward the end of the evening.

You may be under the impression that, because they’re so popular today, food truck catering for a wedding may be too expensive.  Well, chances are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable most actually are. On top of that, your guests are going to love the experience.

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