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5 Reasons Why Turks & Caicos Makes the Perfect Place for a Destination Wedding

Here are just five reasons why the Turks and Caicos Islands make the perfect place for a destination wedding.

If you happen to agree and book your big day in TCI, just remember though, you will need to meet the license requirements to do so.

Then, to find out more about marriage licence requirements in Turks and Caicos visit the Turks and Caicos Tourism website.

Meanwhile, to get on with finding out why TCI is one of the world’s most perfect dream wedding destinations, read on!

  1. Have the Experts Plan Your Wedding For You

One of the biggest draws of a destination wedding is not, as you might first think, the romantic notions of white sandy shores or beginning your honeymoon ahead of your big day. Rather, what draws a lot of couples is that a destination wedding in contrast to a home wedding is far more stress-free. It might seem like the opposite would be true, given that planning a wedding to take place in the chapel down the road is stressful enough, never mind attempting to execute the perfect one thousands of miles away, but take a moment to think about it.

Resorts offering wedding packages in TCI, such as the Alexandra Resort, recognize that their guests are unable to plan their own wedding when travelling from other locations. Hence, being professionals and well-versed experts, their onsite and dedicated wedding planning teams ensure that your perfect big day is sorted on your behalf and as part of your holiday package.

Most resorts, in including the Alexandra, also offer a number of extras and special touches, from sourcing the perfect wedding favours for guests to having champagne cocktails ready for the toasts. Hence, be sure to discuss the details as well as cover the major concerns when speaking with a resort wedding team.

  1. Cut the Cost of Your Dream Wedding

Another reason destination weddings are so tempting is that rather than costing double that of getting wed in the UK and then having to fork out for the addition of a honeymoon holiday somewhere, they combine both these costs…and then slash it in half in many cases.

Rather than paying separately for a venue, decorations, food, drink, a wedding planner, a photographer and the rest, a decent resort (such as those featured in this article) will provide options to cover all of these things as part of their wedding package – and the total cost of the package is still in many if not most cases going to come in at less than what the average couple spend n 2017 on a UK wedding and luxury honeymoon abroad.

  1. The Luxury of Getting to Select Only those Guests You Actually Want There

This is one of those aspects of throwing a destination wedding that for many either makes or breaks it; when getting hitched away from home it is likely that you are going to have to make some cutthroat choices in terms of your guest list. A sizable number those on your ‘provisional’ guest list will be unable or simple unwilling to leave the country to see you say ‘I do’.

On the flip side, for a lot of people this means being able to narrow a guest list down to an to those nearest and dearest to you without causing offence; it isn’t after all that you don’t want so-and-so there, but rather that it is a small ceremony thousands of miles away and they just happen to be busy at work during that week…

  1. Escape the British Weather

The Turks and Caicos Islands are hotter and more temperate in December than Britain is in June. This statement is not the least bit hyperbolic; as explored in more detail via the official Turks and Caicos Tourism website, TCI enjoys year round hot weather meaning that its beaches can also be enjoyed every day of the year – even at Christmas. Meanwhile, if British beaches are ever enjoyed, few people go as far as to dare planning to wed on them.

  1. Get Hitched in Paradise

Whenever you dream of getting hitched, if doing so on the world’s best beach (as voted for via the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards) whilst being smiled down upon by both a Caribbean sunset and as well one of TCI’s only boutique and most architecturally stunning resorts (it takes the form of a colonially inspired beach front mansion house) sounds like your perfect dream wedding day, look no further than the Beach House Resort in Grace Bay, Providenciales. And, after all, who wouldn’t like to say I do on the best beach on the face of the planet?

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