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When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer?

So you’ve gotten engaged?! Congratulations! This is such an exciting moment in your life leading up to the start of your new journey with your significant other… But it would be unfair if I didn’t mention that it is also stressful. I wish I could sugar coat that for ya but­ even if you hire a Wedding Planner, you have a lot to do!

Today, we are going to focus on booking your Photographer/Videographer for your wedding. Sure, you could easily go find a bridal magazine or hunt through Pinterest for a timeline of when you should be doing what.

You should be booking your Photographer/Videographer at least 6 months before your wedding!

And here is the reason why:

By this time, you’ll have already picked your venue, a theme/colour scheme, an idea of a guest list, and a basic timeline of your wedding day. This is all useful to your Sydney Wedding Photographer because…

Once the venue(s) is set your Photographer can look up the locations to see where they can get the best photos of you, your significant other & loved ones. You will know who you will really want photos with, out of town family or friends, etc. (Add to your shot list!). The general timeline is useful so whether you are having a mix of traditions or unique wedding events, you can be sure your Photographer won’t miss a thing and capture all of your special moments.

Of course if you’re ahead of all things, booking earlier doesn’t hurt! It ensures your booking date, engagement/pre-wedding sessions and more.

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The Unplugged Wedding | Wedding Tips

Have you ever thought of having an ‘unplugged wedding’?

What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where guests are asked to put down their cameras and phones (including iPads!) This allows them to enjoy the day even more without trying to capture a more than likely grainy and blurry shot that will never be used. It’s great to be in the wedding photographs but you don’t want to be the one holding up your phone or iPad when the couple are walking down the isle right? The unplugged wedding is born.

I’m there to create a wedding story, the story of emotion, happiness, the smiles and the fun not to capture you taking a picture on your phone continuously throughout the day.

Why would you choose to have an unplugged wedding?

• You, your family, and guests will actually get to enjoy the moments in the moment.

• Sometimes couples request an unplugged wedding because they want to see all their wedding photos before being published on social media (I know many couples regret not asking their guests to not share on social media) and you must respect this.

• With unplugged weddings, nobody is distracted and everyone is part of the day. Your guests will be fully present in the joy and fun of the day. The bride can walk down the aisle seeing all the happy and smiling faces instead of screens, flashes and clicks.

• Another reason for having an unplugged wedding is because you want your camera mad guest with their best DSLR to spend the day actually being a part of the wedding rather than trying to be an unofficial wedding photographer, that’s why you’ve hired me.

Fore the full article please visit

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Romantic Wedding Destination: The Bahamas

Many couples elect to tie the knot in a destination wedding ceremony. A destination wedding is a special ceremony set in any location they choose across the globe. While plenty of couples make their decision based on a personal connection to a place, it’s also very common to pick somewhere which they’ve been wanting to visit, or because of its visual appeal.

For those interested in the aesthetic appeal of a wedding destination, it’s easy to see why Mediterranean coastal weddings are so popular. The white sands and vibrant blue water of the Caribbean are a perfect backdrop for a beachside ceremony and the resulting wedding photos. Nobody can stop a smile surrounded by the beauty of a tropical island! For some examples of wedding photos taken in The Bahamas, check out this gorgeous Bahamas weddings gallery.

Another benefit of heading somewhere tropical is the constant sunshine. The weather is more reliable closer to the equator, with consistently warm, sunny weather. Outdoor ceremonies in many parts of the world can be a risky venture, since they need to be planned months in advance without any weather forecasts to guide the decision. There’s nothing worse than turning up for a lovely garden wedding, only to be rained out and squelch your way through muddy grass to get to some shelter.

The Bahamas are one of the key tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Conveniently located an hour’s flight from Florida, holidays to the islands are highly sought after. There is lots of accommodation and activities geared towards tourists, so your guests will have plenty to do while they’re not attending your ceremony.

The major appeal of a destination wedding is that it’s a wedding and a vacation, all rolled into the one trip! Both Bahamas weddings and holidays are special on their own; combining the two makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Not only do your guests get to take the vacation of any traveller’s dreams, but you get to enjoy having the most important people in your life around you as you all experience another place and culture.

On the downside, large group vacations have the potential to be very stressful. Wedding planning is notorious for the tensions which may arise. Understandably, some couples would be reluctant to mix the two of these! Visiting a beachy locale with a relaxed vibe becomes ineffectual if you’re running around after stray family members and tearing your hair out over the catering. However, it doesn’t have to be such a huge, momentous task.

Much of the economy in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is built around tourism, so the Bahamian locals are experts at hosting guests. The picturesque landscape is very popular for weddings, so many resorts offer packages which are specifically tailored to wedding parties. This can also be a convenient way to save money as you can combine accommodation costs with the other typical wedding expenses.

This means that couples no longer have to organise everything themselves. Getting the staff on board to sort out the venue preparation, decorations and catering leaves the bride and groom free to enjoy their special day. Nobody can get lost walking from their resort accommodation to the ceremony location! There’s no last-minute dramas with the catering staff or the florist bailing out either. Some venues even offer photography services as well, with local staff experienced shooting photos for coastal weddings.

The most important decision is to choose where you want your wedding held. All the resorts have their own unique vibe, whether it’s polished and exclusive or laid-back and beachy. The venue will also determine how many guests you can invite, and how expensive it will be for both them and you. Family-owned venues with local staff are more likely to provide a personal experience which you can customise, whereas larger chain venues often have packages with fixed options.

Everyone’s wedding day should be exactly as they want it to be. If you dream of a Caribbean wedding in The Bahamas with glorious ocean scenery, go for it. It will be easier than you think so long as you do your research online and set yourselves a budget. Choose a resort where you can have fun!

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Qualities of good Tungsten bands for your wedding

Use of Tungsten for wedding bands and jewelry has increased in the recent past. The days when Silver and gold dominated the wedding band industry are long gone, with people willing to try out newer materials, in a bid to look out of the norm.

Being an alloy of strong elements, tungsten is known to be a strong material. Below are some of the good qualities of Tungsten to be considered when selecting a tungsten made tungsten wedding bands.


When choosing a wedding band, the financial constraint should be of paramount consideration. The advantage of minimalist Tungsten bands is their low costs. Cost-effectiveness for a wedding band means a good price for a considerably good quality product. When choosing a wedding band, it should meet the budget, while still maintaining the quality of bands made of other materials.


A perfect wedding band should be free from scratch marks. With the exposure of wedding bands especially during work, an ideal wedding band should maintain its glitter, by avoiding ugly scratch marks. Tungsten bands are mostly scratch free, but the buyer must make sure to inquire about the same from the retailer since some tungsten bands are made of an inferior quality than the rest.

The anti-scratch quality makes the tungsten bands live longer, as compared to the other material-made wedding bands.

Comfort to the hand

Tungsten wedding rings are heavy as compared to bands made of other materials. This heaviness may make the band feel uncomfortable to the hand since they give the hand a pull-down feeling. The couple wishing to use tungsten wedding bands should note the great make it a point to choose one which is light and comfortable, and which feels normal when swinging the hand.

Any wedding ring makes the finger feel different, especially for those wearing a ring for the first time, but they should not feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Attractive to the eye

Weddings are all about beauty, and wedding bands cannot be left behind. When choosing a wedding band, the couple above all other characters go for the most pleasing to the eye, since it’s a piece they will have to wear a lifetime.

Tungsten is more preferred due to the diversity of colors it comes in, from grey to tungsten ring black and gold. Attractiveness also means blending into the décor of the day. The color of the band should be selected having in mind the reigning colors of the wedding, either the bridal teams’ dress code or that of the couple.


Different people have different skin types, which react to jewelry such as wedding bands and neckpieces differently. A good Tungsten rings to be chosen should not react in any way with the skin of the wearer, and this should be tested some few days before the wedding.

Tungsten as a material is widely proven to not cause any allergic reactions, which usually result from a band coming into contact with the skin. Allergic reactions are a big reason why people chose to replace their wedding bands, which would be very expensive if the band was expensive.


Tungsten is made from different materials, which make it a very strong alloy. As compared to other softer metals such as Gold, Tungsten is the hardest, which makes it very hard to lose shape. This attribute makes the Tungsten band live with its glitter for a long moment.

Strength goes hand in hand with durability, since the band is meant to last a lifetime, and should do this while still maintaining the glitter.


When choosing a wedding ring, one should go for that which warms their heart, with the other attributes an added advantage.

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Money Saving Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Venue

Cheap wedding venues are not hard to find provided you have the right tips and booking tricks up your sleeve.  These top cost -effective tips for selecting the best wedding venue for your special day will put you on the right path and bring in good savings your way. They have been formulated as a result of extensive research and inputs shared by experts in the world of wedding planning. The experiences of couples who have already benefitted from these tips have also been considered while streamlining the best ones for your cause. Take a look and chalk out an impressive strategy to spend less on the venue for your wedding day.

Agreeing on a feasible wedding date

Off-season weddings are less expensive than the ones that take place at the more popular times of the year, such as mid-February when Saint Valentine comes knocking on the doors of those in love and waiting to get married. Choose a date that holds a lot of meaning for you both in the off-peak wedding season and fix the venue accordingly. There are strong chances of getting off-season discounts at the most coveted venues of your choice – so, look around carefully. It is certainly easy to negotiate on the rates when the wedding market is not so competitive.

Total number of invitees

You wedding day has to be well attended by those who mean the world to you. This memorable event requires the presence of your family, friends, peers and other loved ones. However, do not go overboard with the number of guests on your list as you may end up inviting more people than what your budget can bear. The final number of invitees would help you take a call on the venue to be booked; remember, you have to accommodate them all in the most comfortable of ways.

Combining two venues

How would you like to solemnize your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue to bring down the overall costs pertaining to pre-wedding expenses? Here, you need to plan ahead and formulate an exclusive guest list as the reception and ceremony would probably be held in a closed hall or small-sized wedding venue.

This said, you will want to visit the glorious wedding venues and destinations on offer at Once you have decided upon the date for tying the knot, you can resort to smart money-saving tactics by booking your wedding venue way in advance. Your marriage day is very special and you would not like to have any unprecedented hassles coming your way. So, get in touch with the representatives at this specialty wedding portal and start framing your wedding dreams right away.





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Wedding Venues: Within the City or in the Country Side?

Gone are the days when there were limited options for taking your wedding vows. With more and more country side locations and city marriage venues opening their doors, couples waiting to tie the knot are surely confused about which way to go. While the stunning and stress-free ambiance of the countryside is worth every penny, there are many other wedding spaces that promise to lure you back into the city. Here are some guidelines to help you choose between venues located within your municipal limits or those serving as countryside getaways.


When it comes to providing adequate staying facility for your family, friends and other attendees, city wedding venues are favored as they tend to be in the vicinity of hotels, inns and guest houses. These places of accommodation can be reserved for housing your guests for the purposes of your wedding ceremony, reception and other wedding get-togethers.

In case you get across to a country-side venue with adequate accommodation facility, then you need not look around further and relax to know that your guests will be taken care of well. In most cases, country side wedding venues are located far from city hotels and require some commuting on the part of your guests. There are some venues that are the form of rehabbed farms and barns that provide adequate accommodation facilities – you may want to take a look at what they have on offer.


Budget-planning for your wedding is ridden with confusion as well as dos and don’ts; there will be many things that you want to include in your plans and still have to do without. You should not be surprised to see a major chink of your budget going into the booking of your venue. Generally speaking, the country side venues tend to be less expensive than their city counterparts. But then, this may not be the case at all times and you may come across some exotic country side venues that are far costlier than the rest.

Along with the costs of hiring the wedding venue, you also need to factor in the expenses related to florists, cake movers, local suppliers, transportation, photographers, and so forth. A correct and realistic evaluation of expenses will help you decide on your next course of action.

Wedding venues are special and have to be chosen carefully. The couples in love with rustic feel and green scenic beauty would prefer to solemnize their marriage in a rural wedding venue. Now that you have made up your mind to have a destination or off-city limits wedding, you may want to check out these amazing country houses fit for a king’s wedding reception. Whether they are located away from the hustle of big cities, or within them, such venues are the places that host dream marriages and the vows that make them. Do go through their various features at length before freezing your choice on one – you will be pleased with your decision!

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Three Reasons To Hire A Country House Hotel As Your Wedding Venue

If you have recently gotten engaged then first of all congratulations! There is no happier time than deciding to spend the rest of your lives together, and planning the day you finally say I do is such a great experience.

One of the key things to decide together when planning your wedding is which venue to choose, and there is so much to think about here because your wedding venue really sets the tone for the whole day and should suit you as a couple as well as practical for your all important guest list.

So it can be really tricky to whittle down the different types of wedding venue on offer with so much to think about. We think that a country house hotel is the perfect choice for many couples as a wedding venue, so to make things a little bit easier for you here are three reasons why we believe this!

The peace and quiet
Getting away from the hustle and bustle of a city is a total blessing when you are getting married, as a wedding can get a little bit overwhelming and having some peace and quiet can do wonders to calm nerves.

Being in the countryside is a treat in itself, so you could even spend some extra time at your venue before and after the wedding day itself and enjoy some quiet time as a couple.

The convenience
If you have your wedding at a venue such as Broadoaks Country House Hotel they have a wealth of wedding experience and all inclusive exclusive-use packages for your big day, there are a number of great and convenient benefits.

With the ability to rent out the hotel so that you have rooms for your wedding party you can have everybody who is important in the same place, which takes a lot of stress out of finding the venue particularly for guests who are not familiar with the area.

It also means that you don’t need to worry about gatecrashers, and can have the undivided attention of the staff at the venue on your big day with no other weddings taking place.

The photos
A country house hotel offers the perfect setting for your wedding photos, and you can be sure you’ll get some beautiful shots that you will cherish forever.

There are a multitude of opportunities for beautiful snaps whether it be in the grounds, in the countryside nearby, or of course, the getting ready process and the ceremony itself and a country house hotel will provide you with a classy backdrop.

What’s more, a country house hotel wedding can be beautiful at any time of year, with winter weddings being a popular option.

We hope that this has given you some inspiration if you are in the early stages of planning your wedding so that you can make it both a peaceful and magical day for you and your loved one!

If you haven’t quite plucked up the courage to pop the question yet, what are you waiting for? Here are 13 really heartmelting proposals to give you a little bit of inspiration on how you might want to go about it!

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Photographer Approved Tips for “Getting Ready” Wedding Photographs

Getting the very best wedding photos is not always easy and most of the time required planning and pre thinking to really get the best shots possible and to satisfy the people in the photograph. Although being spontaneous can lead to some funny and raw photos, you also need to do some planning and creative thinking to capture great looking photos. Great photos come from planning ahead and really ensuring everything is the best it can be.

NJ wedding photographers such as The Bleu Studio in Wayne, NJ and Red Bank , NJ, have decades of experience to ensure brides receive the absolute best in wedding “getting ready” photos and video.

Choose a Suitable Location

You want to ensure that your location for photos is well thought out so you know if there are any minor changes you can make, that can be done easily. No doubt there will be a lot of time spent on getting ready to look your best, which is why having a getting ready area is important, to ensure that there is enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoots.

Depending on the type of style you have gone for in terms of your wedding, you want to choose accordingly to ensure that it suits the overall style and background. Lighting is crucial in capturing photos as well, so having a good venue or place that has decent lighting is defiantly important. It will bring the photos to life and really have an impact on the way everyone looks and the general atmosphere.

Keep It Simple

There is of course no harm is having fancy décor and other flamboyant additions however less is more, and this can show when you have a simple yet classy and elegant design that shows the details you want to be shown but also remains elegant. You don’t want to have a cluttered and messy background for the sake of thinking it looks when it really does not and lacks blending capability in the background.

Of course, some background music and champagne are added touches that really make a difference to the background and overall scene, so keep it sweet and simple but also colourful and fun. The last thing you want to a dull and boring background that shows zero personality and a lack of character.

Tidy Up

As you are getting ready there is no doubt that a mess will be created, after trying out different things and being pampered, different things will be scattered in the background. Ensure you save time by doing a bit of cleaning before the photos are actually being taken, as you don’t want to be panicked and feel as though there is so much to do on top of everything else.

It is worth going through any clothes that are additionally and hiding them away for the time being. The same with bags and other such items; tuck them away from the scene to make things look clean and organised.  This will allow for many time to work with the people around you and the have a clearer mind. You will be able to capture photos more easily and feel less worried or pressured.

Visit the Bleu Studio in North Jersey or Jersey Shore for artistic and contemporary wedding photography and wedding cinematography.

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Three Ways to Offer Your Guests a Unique Experience at Your Wedding

Making your wedding stand out is getting harder and harder as couples up their game with delicious food menus, spectacular venues and stunning dresses, so what can you do to make your big day really stick in the memories of your guests?

Here are three ways to really wow your guests, and give you and your other half a day that you’ll never forget.

Luxury Toilets

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding the toilets can really let your event down.

You can spend loads of time and money making sure that the rest of the ceremony is as good as it can be, but if you’re asking your guests to use a cramped, dirty portable toilet cubicle, that’s what they’ll go away telling their friends about.

Thankfully, there are much more luxurious options on offer, which will take your guests away from a muddy marquee and straight into a five-star hotel.

For example, Event Washrooms offer flexible luxury cubicles, which are fitted out with real oak and marble finishes, LED lighting, automatic taps and glass water basins all of which give your big day that classy touch.

You’ll hopefully only get married the once, so why skimp on such an important amenity and provide a bit of luxury in an area where most couples wouldn’t even bother.

Social Media Integration

A great way to really get your guests involved with the ceremony is to offer social media integration, and it might be easier than you think.

Start off by setting up a web page, Twitter or Instagram feed to keep everyone posted on the preparations for the big day.

On the big day itself, make sure to make use of hashtags so that everybody can share their pictures and experiences of the big day, and once it’s all done, you’ll have a ready-made photo album.

You may also wish to set up a social media wall, such as those from AwesomeWall so that all of your guests can see each others posts up on a big screen in real time.

You might even wish to set up a live stream so that friends and family who can’t make the ceremony itself can still watch along, wherever they are in the world.

Light Up Letters

The decoration and lighting are crucial aspects of your big day, with many opting for impressive centrepieces and sparkling chandeliers.

But why not combine the two with some attractive light up letters from Light It Up UK?

Their handcrafted light up letters are a great touch to your ceremony, with a popular option being to opt for the initials of the bride and groom.

They also offer bespoke shapes such as hearts, or you might wish to use them as signage (for example, the letters B-A-R or T-O-I-L-E-T-S).

Whether indoors or out, these letters are a great centerpiece and add a real touch of class to the proceedings.

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3 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is a massive undertaking. According to the Hitched Wife website, the UK wedding industry is worth £10 billion every single year, with the average couple spending £1517 of their overall budget on the venue. Then, how can you be sure to bag or even find the perfect venue? Here are three top tips.

  1. Be Organized About Your Research

A wedding is not something to take an undisciplined approach to planning. Not least because you and potentially a hundred or more of those you hold dearest will remember the day for the rest of their lives. Recognizing that fact though in many cases is as paralyzing as it is motivating; hence, it is easy to see how so many couples get a little scatter brained about proceedings. Organizing one’s direct debits, credit cards and the likes is hard enough. When emotions get brought into the mix it can be impossible to see the big day for the tears (of joy or just stress).

Fortunately, the wedding saving team at the Practical Wedding website realize and appreciate this all too well. For that reason they have gone ahead and done the hard work for the world’s would-be-weds. From compiling a fuss and fluff free guide to bagging your dream venue to knowing how to find it and recognizing when you have, as well as the questions you will need to ask to compare and decide between potential venues.

So then, rather than lose your head simply head over to the A Practical Wedding website, How to Choose a Wedding Venue Guide.

  1. Keep an Open Mind…and Have Fun!

Where a venue is located, whether it features disabled access, whether it has the scope to accommodate all of your intended guests (perhaps even overnight)…these are all issues that need determining before you begin your venue search. The danger of doing things the other way around, aside from meaning having to search for venues with no actual strategy in place, is that you fall in love with a venue that is not suitable. At worst, rather than accept this and move on, it could leave you having to make tough choices between axing a portion of your reception guests, leaving your beloved pooch behind or even breaking your budget.

As for the style of a venue though, this is something that can be explored once you’ve a budget, guest list and the likes pinned down. Further, whilst some might have a very firm idea of what they want in mind, taking a moment to look at what is actually out there can open couples’ eyes to a whole new world of ideas and possibilities.

For example, whilst Searcys at The Gherkin in Central London provides an ultra modern venue, the scope the building provides means that there is no reason why it cannot be decked out with a traditional theme whilst also offering some of the most stunning views of London possible. Meanwhile, couples who would rather look out over marvels of a more natural kind shouldn’t be put off the likes of any one of three Lake District Country Hotel’s wedding venues; providing historic and architecturally unique buildings and set on the edge of Lake Windermere, this needn’t mean those who opt to wed at a Lake District Country House Hotel have to throw a traditional country house wedding.

Then, whilst a theme is often chosen, remember that it needn’t and should never curtail or narrow your search in ways which could actually prevent you from finding your ideal venue; further, the wedding police are not going to arrest you for blending styles and making the day your own. Rather, the regret police are far more likely to come knocking if you let the likes of style magazines and guests decide where you say ‘I do’. This is your day. Make sure your venue and everything else about it celebrates that.

  1. Make a Joint Decision

A perfect venue cannot be found, even if you visit every single potential wedding venue in the country, or even the world, unless the decision is a joint one. While one half of a couple might seem or even actually be happy to defer the responsibility of making this all important choice and the other half might seem or even be happy to get to pick, both individuals need to remember what the venue is being picked for.

A wedding is a celebration of two people uniting and coming together to form a lifelong team. It involves celebrating the individuality of the two halves that make a whole, and an equal one hopefully; hence, both parties need to show and take an equal interest every aspect. The alternative is that one partner’s personality dominates the ‘show’. Then, and whilst some partners might be happy (relieved even) to defer the responsibility of picking out a venue to their other half right now, give this set up ten years (or even ten months) and things could very easily be very different.

Couples who go at wedding planning and finding that ideal venue as a team are able to ground and support each other while learning how to better compromise and communicate with each other as well as sharing a once in a lifetime experience, and one that will ultimately change the course of both their lives forever. Your partner is the only person who is with you on this rollercoaster, that is, after all, the whole point. Then, this is perhaps why those who plan together as well as being doubly likely to stick to their budget are also far more likely to stick to each other in the long term, as is discussed further in The Marriage Prep website article Wedding Planning: Interesting Relationship Challenge.

Suffice to say, and in conclusion, if you’re planning to be together for the rest of your lives, there is no better time to start practicing what you are about to preach than now!

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