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Benefits of hiring a professional photographer

Weddings are the most precious moments of a person’s life, and therefore it needs to be adequately documented. It is for this reason that hiring a professional wedding photographer in Edinburgh is a must on such a special day. A professional wedding photographer has handled a lot of projects and knew how to gift you the best photographs for your wedding. A professional wedding photographer ensures that every special moment of your wedding is captured with finesse. There are a lot of benefits of hiring a professional photographer for Wedding photography.

Photography styles- A professional Edinburgh wedding photographer knows a lot of different styles of wedding photography. Everyone is equipped with a camera these days, but none of them knows the art of bringing out the best of a bride and a groom except a wedding photographer. There are a lot of styles of photography to be opted for. You can either go for the traditional wedding photography or the candid photography style. However, it all depends on what you want and what your wedding photographer envisions for you. It is therefore important to talk with your wedding photographer before the D-day and discuss as to what kind of pictures you want. You can check out his previous projects to decide on that. If you want, then the photographer can also mix the different styles to give you a customised approach towards Wedding photography.

High-end equipment- With everyone possessing a phone camera or a digital camera these days, why bother with hiring a professional photographer in Edinburgh? The reason is very simple. They possess high-end photography equipment which will help your wedding photographs to turn out like a dream. They have a professional camera with a different variety of high-end lens. Other than that, most of the professional wedding photographers come with their assistants. So, around 3 to 4 photographers will try to capture your wedding from different angles. On top of that, the professional photographers have spare memory cards, camera stands, provision for separate lighting options for the wedding and so on. Many photographers also use some props to make the wedding more fun and happening.

Dedication- One of the prime reasons as to why people want to fly in their favourite Destination wedding photographer, even for a destination wedding is dedication. All the professional photographers are dedicated to their art, and they will try their best to give you some of the best memories of your wedding. Even if you ask your friends and relatives to click your wedding pictures, half the time they will be busy with eating or dancing and chances are that they will miss the important wedding moments.

Complete documentation of the wedding- A wedding photographer is someone who stays with you from the beginning of the marriage till the very end. Be it a bachelorette party or the reception- a wedding photographer captures everything in synchronisation and order. With a good wedding photographer, you do not have to worry about important moments or events being missed in the wedding album.

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Destination Weddings: Your Guide to a San Francisco Wedding Day

Destination Weddings: Your Guide to a San Francisco Wedding Day

Any destination is a good destination when there’s a wedding involved, but there’s one place in particular that makes for a modern yet moody backdrop – San Francisco. Whether you’re native to the city or thinking of the perfect place to throw your destination wedding, it’s a great place that offers outdoor and indoor venues, amazing food options, and some of the world’s most talented photographers.

This guide can serve as a general outline to any destination or themed wedding day. But the details are all about those San Fran specifics for some golden inspiration.

The Venue

Choose a venue that’s authentically San Francisco like The Golden Gate Club which offers views of the bridge. It’s a classic and upscale venue that any bride would gush over.

Food & Drink

Offer up a menu with the taste of the city in mind. Starting with a cocktail hour serving the famous Cable Car Cocktail followed by appetizers featuring sourdough and a plethora of seafood. Two of San Francisco’s staples in the food scene

Paper Details

Create San Francisco themed wedding invitations with your destination in mind. Cute invites with a golden gate bridge design or maybe even a fun cable car illustration. Let guests know where they’re headed to in a simple and festive way. Make sure to top your invitations off with a shimmery burnt orange envelope as a signal to the epic bridge.

Doing a bit of research prior to your wedding especially one where you want to showcase a particular city will level up your wedding details in a big way!


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Newspaper Wedding Announcement Examples: Send the Right Message

Guest Post by Event Supply Shop

A wedding is not only the entanglement of two souls, but it’s the relationship between two different families of the same or different background. The perfect match is found with a lot of research and seeking. Well, profiles can be made in the newspaper as well as online websites to find your soul mates.

The happiness of the wedding ought to be shared, and it can reach to your caring ones only if you publish it in the newspaper apart from making numerous calls which becomes tiring before it arrives to a point.

Many papers don’t require money for printing but impose some amount needed as the procedure gets lengthy, but the cost is reasonable. You need to make the profile in the best format so that it is well defined, has all the necessary information and creates a positive impact on the minds of the viewers.

Form a set of points, write them somewhere, so that you can recollect them when needed to be published somewhere. Make a concept of “how to write” on your mind. Few steps should be followed for making a triumphant wedding announcement in the newspaper. They are as follows:

  • Choose a particular set of words- Let the information flow in evident and straightforward statements, since it will be read by hundreds of people and shall not mess with anyone’s mind. Don’t make it complicated with unnecessary details. You may also take examples from online to generate such an attractive announcement.
  • The printed details should be in a specific order- We all love to indulge something which is chained with culture and tradition. Newspaper Wedding Announcement Wording should have ties with the years of tradition followed, and therefore should follow the specific order. You can give the details of the venue in addition to the name of the couples prepared for the wedlock, describe their beautiful apparels and even provide the glimpses of their family members.
  • Choose the right newspaper- Since you want to make the announcement public, you would want to publish your wedding announcement on a paper which is read by your family members and your fiancé’s loved ones, make sure you make the right choice of the publisher.
  • Get to know what your newspaper’s requirements- At first select few newspapers which matches all your criteria’s. Second of all get to know their needs as in what they want. The details they want should be put in specifically and is very vital. Two most important things should be checked; that is the word count should be limited and the format and font should be taken care of while writing the announcement.
  • Briefing- As said earlier keep it short and simple. Concise write-ups are easily readable and interpretable. Give all the useful details with a summary. One important thing you should always remember since the work is paid therefore with each every increase in word there is an increase in the money associated with it. Therefore word count is limited so restrict yourself from writing big announcement.
  • Start the structure with parent’s name – Thinking how to begin? Give the parent’s name in bold and continue with something like “Mr and Mrs Kent announces their daughter or son’s marriage on the mentioned date”. A simple beginning.
  • Specifics of the ceremony- Give the details of the occasion, such as the venue, the dates of the celebration, how to reach the place, and an overview of everything required. Make sure that the wedding announcement template holds the reader’s eyes for about a minute because it is the golden emblem of what is next to be read.
  • Finish with the extras- Maybe you think the content is still empty, and you want to input something funny and exciting. In such kind of scenarios you may give the details of the couple’s honeymoon, what are the places they are going to enjoy, how many days tour it is going to be and something more as you wish to provide. You may also provide the particulars of the couple’s interest.


  • Review the whole thing- Examples of wedding announcement can be found anywhere. You can take the help and make the best write-up. Well after finishing it, review the document with precision and see the quality and the infrastructure is well maintained. Glance at it and look to it that the whole content matches the guidelines of the chosen newspaper because every newspaper has a different set of rules. Check the word count and see whether it can be easily read or not.

Author Bio: Event Supply Shop is where DIY-ers, penny pinchers with a flair for high-quality, and event planners get their products. Event Supply Shop will be here for all of your event needs. Our blog helps newly-engaged couples plan the perfect future together.


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How to find a perfect wedding hairpiece for your big day?

Bridal hair jewelry such as the popular shells and crystals is generally either put all through the coiffure or surrounding it. Fashion wedding hairpieces are made of rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, pearl and are fastened to the coiffure by the use of a small entwine of the corkscrew, or a favorite pin. Generally, they are used for a wedding with a beach theme. The crystals provide a look which will be adored by all.

You have to be very careful when you are picking one for yourself. For instance, for somebody who is in her 40’s, along waist-length ponytail would not be an ideal choice. Also note the method employed to attach the piece to the natural hair, when you are buying your piece. Wrap around style is more natural to those with butterfly clips or slide in combs. Naturally, the hair extensions with butterfly clips are bulkier at the place they are attached while the wrap style is less obvious.


Wedding hair combs, wedding hair pins, and wedding hair clips are all fitting for the simpler look. The wedding accessory most frequently used at a ceremony is the hair comb. It is suitable for most hair types and styles. dksjds976

In fact, there is an incredible number of wedding hair accessories you can choose from. These accessories can be small or large, but they should not cause you any discomfort. The flow of hair or the updo hairstyle-both varieties will require you to use certain hair accessories to further streamline your wedding hairstyle. In fact, you can try things like beads, jewelry, clips, crystal bridal hair pins etc

Nowadays, on the internet you will find many different styles of wedding hairpiece, it’s easy to find you like the style at affordable price, provide many vanities of hair accessories for your choice.


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Creating the Perfect Wedding Memories

It is not just enough to select an awesome photographer to cover your dream wedding, there is more to be done if the memories are to be pictorially preserved. It is time to create an enthralling wedding album. In this album, family members, friends, and well-wishers will always be treated to the memory of that day you said “I do” to your heartthrob.

If you are looking forward to have an album that will constantly remind you of those cherished moments even several decades later, then this guide for creating the perfect wedding memories is for you. From the first kiss to the mind-blowing wedding venue décor, beautiful smiles of guests and the magnificent reception backgrounds, there is a lot to reminisce on.

· Take a look at samples: In order to have an album you will always be drawn to, it is important to take a look at what other people have done in the past. You can go through the albums of loved ones and in so doing, you might just note areas you would love to copy from and at the same time, areas you would want to improve on as to make your album more enticing. You can also see sample albums online and learn a thing or two from doing so.

· Decide on layout: Although this is mostly determined by the size and style of the pictures, it is important that you decide on particular layout for your pictures. From four images to several more, the layout you decide on will surely add its own aesthetic appeal to your finished album. The two major options to choose from are the flush-mount and matted style of layout.

· Carefully choose your images: Don’t forget you are aiming at creating albums that in several years to come, you will still be motivated to go through them. For this reason, it is necessary that you make careful selection of pictures to include in your album. Go for a variety of shots that capture moments you would never want to forget, those moments that added the extra spark to your wedding day. This includes the exchange of vows, your first kiss, your wedding entourage, family moments, father-daughter dances, and lots more. If you are confused, you can always seek help from your spouse or even the photographer.

· Images should flow freely: Nothing is as boring as going through albums with pictures haphazardly arranged. In order to avoid this, you should carefully sort out your pictures prior to adding them to the album. Ensure they flow freely, with the pages of the album leading from one event to the other, in the sequence in which the events took place. This unique arrangement will surely glue viewers to your album, any day.

· Don’t leave out any events: There are several events that came together to make your wedding day an amazing one. From the make-up sessions to the decoration of the wedding venue, departure to the church, exchange of vows, the drive to the reception venue, toasts, dances, etc. In all of these activities, your loved ones were all there. Go ahead and include pictures covering all the events and you will be glad you did, what with the excitement on their faces as they go through the album.

· Add extra something: You don’t have to allow yourself be limited by the samples you might have seen from other people. You can always go an extra mile to add unique touches to your wedding album. Examples of the unique touches you can add to your album include writings that will briefly convey your feeling about the specific picture or page. You can also do the brief write-ups per event such as the grand entry into the venue, exchange of vows, after party, etc.

Creating the perfect wedding memories might seem like a daunting task but knowing that it would forever serve as a reminder of the day your joy was made complete, you are sure to have fun putting these memories together. For brides who might not have the time to do this on their own, you can always get an album design expert to help with developing this great collage of memories, something several generations of your family would never get tired of going through, over and over again.

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Outdoor or Indoor wedding venues…Why you don’t get the best from the two worlds?


The first thing you need to think about before you begin to plan for your wedding is whether to choose an indoor or outdoor venue. Each of them has a set of pros and cons. Therefore, you have to evaluate these two venues for you to make an informed decision. Here are some of the things you need to put into consideration while looking at each of them.

Indoor Wedding Venues

The elegant design and style of indoor wedding venues offer a fabulous feeling a look. You can enhance it with special decorations, effects, and lighting. Indoor venues have comfortable seating, flooring, and conditioning for your guests. You will also have maximum protection from unconducive weather conditions. Therefore, you won’t have to look for a back up plan because of wind, rain, or changes in temperature.

Indoor wedding venues will encourage more venue options and you will not have to worry about the effects of weather on some types of dishes. And when it comes to catering, your caterers will also have all the amenities that they require. The venues offer various rooms for various stages from a large ballroom to a banquet room. The photographer will not keep on adjusting the lenses because the light id constant. Indoor weddings are quiet, intimate, and more private than outdoor ones.

However, you will have to spend more on indoor venue decorations to give them the desired elegant effect. Some venues also have rules and regulations that will restrict you when planning for your decoration. It can also be hard and expensive to book an indoor venue during the cold months because they are on high demand. You will also not have the flexibility to invite more guests or add more space because the space has a maximum capacity. Lastly, renting an indoor wedding venue is more expensive than outdoor ones.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

On the other hand, outdoor wedding venues are already decorating with beautiful gardens that are filled with flowers and trees and in beautiful splendor. Some of them have swimming pools and waterfalls and you won’t spent a lot of money on decoration because the venues are scenic enough. Outdoor venues provide different spaces including the wedding stage, ceremony area, area for the cocktail party, and the reception space. The modern outdoor photography techniques will give you inspirational wedding photos.

Outdoor wedding spaces are open and vast and this provides a spacious atmosphere for the ceremony. You will enjoy the transformation of scenery from day to night. The decoration color and lighting effects will change when the sun sets and provide two distinct ambiance settings for your wedding.

The main drawback of out wedding is the weather. Make sure you have a backup plan in place like renting a tent if the property does not have a building. Lighting can also be challenging because there are no power sources or outlets. The high heels may get into the sand or dirt and your guests may spend the better part of the day swatting away bugs and flies.

Why You Can’t Get the Best from These two Worlds

You need to choose a wedding venue that will give you maximum benefits depending on the prevailing circumstances. You can combine the benefits of the outdoor and indoor venues by going for an open-air banquet hall and a full-service management villa. You should have a plan ‘B’ just in case the weather changes. The event planning team for your wedding venue should help you to find the right mix for the two.


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10 Rules of Successful Beach Weddings

South wedding to the celebration of your wedding at heart. Between the management of children’s suitcases, the purchase of your dress and the choice of your wedding venue, sometimes everything can seem heavy on your shoulders. That’s why we’ve made a list of 10 rules for a successful destination wedding:

1. The most important rules: Let your wedding destination planner take care of everything and RELAX! Leave the stress aside. It’s difficult, but do it!

2. Do not manage your guests. Transfer them to us! Our agents are there for that!

3. Choose the hotel for you. According to your favorite! You will not succeed to please everyone around you.

4. You can not control everything. It’s the beauty of destination wedding. Better to know it right away Let us guide you quietly!

5. Choose your decorations and dinner options according to your budget. Do not go over, it’s important for morale. Otherwise you will cut elsewhere and you will probably be disappointed.

6. Order in advance your wedding rings and clothes, you do not want to be taken at the last minute, it will only cause you stress.

7. Make your papers in advance (if required) and send them to your specialist.

8. Is your passport up to date? Do not wait until the last minute!

9. If you are of type photos, we advise you to take a good photographer with you. Because in some southern countries, you may be disappointed with the quality of the photos.

10. If you have the time and money, why not visit your hotel before your wedding. This will greatly reduce your stress if you are the type to like to see and control certain things.

As you’ve noticed, the average rules revolve around stress. Because yes it’s easy to be caught with tremendous stress for a destination wedding. Normal, everything is managed on site with a wedding planner that you have never seen and sometimes the answers are slow to return. We are here to help, guide and lower the level of stress to your stress-o-meter !! ​

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Country Style Wedding Invitation Ideas

Major country style wedding invitation ideas are in store for you today, ladies and gents! Aside from making the most of your country style theme and incorporating the best of what rustic goodness can offer, you would want your wedding invites to look gorgeous too! Basic Invite offers the best wedding invitations you have laid eyes on. They add a dash of elegance to your overall wedding look, whether you’re pinning towards a laid back or posh country wedding.

Wedding Websites

Whether you’re throwing a country wedding in a barn, a chapel or the great outdoors, your wedding invites play an important role in conveying expectations towards your guests and adds to that irresistible appeal. Choosing your top picks doesn’t need to be a difficult decision when you have the help of wedding websites that hone you towards your dream invitation and nothing does it better than Basic Invite – your one-stop wedding invite shop!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite country style wedding invitation designs, below, to show you what you can do with Basic Invite’s amazing customizability and reliable functionality. And keep in mind that there are almost unlimited color options and tons of custom samples for you to choose from. Check these out!

Top 5 Country Style Wedding Invitation Designs

1# For the Love of Simple Sophistications: Rustic Country Wedding Invitations

Nothing beats the signature colors of classic rustic finish! You’ll want to say yes to any invite that blends the county style seamlessly. But don’t let the simplicity deceive you! We all know that simplicity is one country style’s strengths that’s why this rustic country wedding invite is at the top of our list. Keep in mind that you can customize the colors as well as the type of paper and card shape on what suits you best! Amazing right?

2# Rich and Rustic: Back Country Wedding Invitations

Country weddings can be whatever they’re strung up to be! Just like this Back Country Wedding Invitation Design that shows the rustic beauty of wood with all its rich texture. The handwritten font with the evident deer horns shows that you’re not kidding when you came up with this country styled design!

3# Clean and Functional: Country Bash Clear Wedding Invitations

Clean and functional! This wedding invitation design deserves its place on top! When it comes to chic country styles -colors and flare are prime! That is why Basic Invite gives you the power to choose whatever snazzy color you desire and incorporate it into an amazing set of templates such as this Country Bash Clear Wedding Invitation design.

4# Lantern Lights Clear Wedding Invitations

Lantern lights are becoming a staple for country-style weddings and becoming popular for rustic barn and country club cocktail lounge receptions. Basic Invite not only offers you a ton of custom samples but also over 800 wedding invitation sets for you to choose from.

5# Antique Frame Clear Wedding Invitations

There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia! This wedding invitation design has enough flair and glamour to become both elegant and classic. This type of design enhances the country style aesthetic without overwhelming the space. It’s all about balance to create a sophisticated design and not just purely “country” which makes your invites special!

A common dilemma for those who want to have a country style wedding is choosing the perfect invite. That is why Basic Invite is a handy wedding website that offers a wide array of services that aids this very need. You could always find more designs if you have something a bit more specific in mind – a color or a shape, or perhaps something regal or extravagant, Basic Invite has got the customization you need to design your very own masterpiece and convey how irresistible your country style wedding is like. And I know that we can all agree that through this amazing wedding website, choosing the perfect wedding invitation has got a whole lot more exciting!

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When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer?

So you’ve gotten engaged?! Congratulations! This is such an exciting moment in your life leading up to the start of your new journey with your significant other… But it would be unfair if I didn’t mention that it is also stressful. I wish I could sugar coat that for ya but­ even if you hire a Wedding Planner, you have a lot to do!

Today, we are going to focus on booking your Photographer/Videographer for your wedding. Sure, you could easily go find a bridal magazine or hunt through Pinterest for a timeline of when you should be doing what.

You should be booking your Photographer/Videographer at least 6 months before your wedding!

And here is the reason why:

By this time, you’ll have already picked your venue, a theme/colour scheme, an idea of a guest list, and a basic timeline of your wedding day. This is all useful to your Sydney Wedding Photographer because…

Once the venue(s) is set your Photographer can look up the locations to see where they can get the best photos of you, your significant other & loved ones. You will know who you will really want photos with, out of town family or friends, etc. (Add to your shot list!). The general timeline is useful so whether you are having a mix of traditions or unique wedding events, you can be sure your Photographer won’t miss a thing and capture all of your special moments.

Of course if you’re ahead of all things, booking earlier doesn’t hurt! It ensures your booking date, engagement/pre-wedding sessions and more.

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The Unplugged Wedding | Wedding Tips

Have you ever thought of having an ‘unplugged wedding’?

What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where guests are asked to put down their cameras and phones (including iPads!) This allows them to enjoy the day even more without trying to capture a more than likely grainy and blurry shot that will never be used. It’s great to be in the wedding photographs but you don’t want to be the one holding up your phone or iPad when the couple are walking down the isle right? The unplugged wedding is born.

I’m there to create a wedding story, the story of emotion, happiness, the smiles and the fun not to capture you taking a picture on your phone continuously throughout the day.

Why would you choose to have an unplugged wedding?

• You, your family, and guests will actually get to enjoy the moments in the moment.

• Sometimes couples request an unplugged wedding because they want to see all their wedding photos before being published on social media (I know many couples regret not asking their guests to not share on social media) and you must respect this.

• With unplugged weddings, nobody is distracted and everyone is part of the day. Your guests will be fully present in the joy and fun of the day. The bride can walk down the aisle seeing all the happy and smiling faces instead of screens, flashes and clicks.

• Another reason for having an unplugged wedding is because you want your camera mad guest with their best DSLR to spend the day actually being a part of the wedding rather than trying to be an unofficial wedding photographer, that’s why you’ve hired me.

Fore the full article please visit

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